My Story

I found an old magnet that I had made back in elementary school that I had gifted to my Gram. A simple quilled flower on a small piece of wood that had “I love you” written upon it. Sadly the flower had gotten ruined and I wanted to repair it. I got a small beginners kit to fix the flower, in doing so I realized how much I enjoyed it. I began to make more flowers and other small items that were in the booklet that came in the kit.

From there I was hooked. I needed more colors and types of paper to try other ideas and patterns. I purchased as well as was given some other kits and began to search online for paper, tools, patterns and other kits. Soon I had quilled art all over my desk and the wall above it. I began to make 3D items, decorate various things and give them as gifts.

With encouragement from friends and family I started a Facebook page for my paper creations and did a craft show to share my quilling with others. Many do not know of the art and others had heard about it but didn’t know much other than it was pretty. Some even remembered it as I did, something done back in an art class many years ago.

I am now planning to teach quilling classes at our local library. I’ll be offering classes to children and adults. With more craft shows planned, quilling is hopefully making a comeback.